Seminar log

Date Presenter Title Description
2021-xx-xx zweistein p-adic Numbers TBD
2021-xx-xx chester Manifolds Constant rank maps, immersed and embedded manifolds, and Whitney's embedding theorem.
2021-06-11 kakuhen Introducing Monads Monads from adjunctions, adjunctions from monads, and defining monadicity of functors.
2021-04-17 lambda Testing the Waters: Simulating Fluids Navier-Stokes, discretizing fluids into parcels, approximating pressure and viscous forces in fluids, plus a demonstration.
2021-04-09 TLH Windows crackmes Basic z3 usage, Rusty from justCTF 2020
2021-04-02 sage More Common Lisp The Condition System, CLOS, some common packages (trivia, cl-interpol).
2021-03-26 kakuhen Theorem Proving with Lean Introducing the syntax and tactics of the Lean programming language, proving several propositions, and introducing the 'mathlib' project.
2021-03-19 sage Quantum Computing An introduction to the basic structure of the theory of quantum computation, with some key theorems, such as no-cloning.
2021-03-12 kakuhen Basic Category Theory An introduction to category theory, ending at a proof of Yoneda's lemma.
2021-03-05 lambda Getting Our Feet Wet: An Intro to Fluids The material derivative, equations for conservation of mass and momentum, and using the Bernoulli principle to explore Pitot tubes.
2021-02-23 sage Special Relativity An introduction to basic special relativity with a focus on the spacetime interval.
2021-02-18 schismm_ Finite Model Theory and its Consequences (description forthcoming)
2021-02-11 chester Galois Theory Overview A crash course on the central results from field theory and Galois theory.
2021-02-09 kakuhen Graph Theory Overview Reviewing central ideas in graph theory like asymptotics, Eulerian graphs, Hamiltonian graphs, and spanning tree problems.
2021-02-04 sage Common Lisp Macros An introduction to writing macros in Common Lisp, with emphasis on the subtleties of unhygenic macros such as variable capture.
2021-01-26 zweistein Differential forms An introduction to the language of differential forms in geometry, culminating in the theory of de Rham cohomology.